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Choosing a college is difficult. There is an ocean of data available, some of which is pretty suspect.  College Deliberately sorts through all that data makes it easy for your to make an informed choice.  Interested?


About US

College Deliberately is the work of two University Professors who believe that the college recruitment and placement industry is based on information asymmetries — those of us who work in colleges know that a large number of our institutions are in desperate need of students.

Yet most students believe that getting into college is equivalent of the Hunger Games.


The truth is that with the exception of the Ivies and the Top-20 Research Universities, most institutions will accept most applicants.

We offer tools that will empower students and parents to make to educated decisions about one of the most important decisions they will ever encounter.

Services Available

College matching Survey

At College Deliberately, we study the different values of different colleges, and seek to match your student’s aspirations with those values.

Unique Solutions

We approach the college search in a totally different way from the US News and World Report or other ranking systems. While those systems rewards colleges that are unnecessarily selective, our system rewards colleges with a high degree of integrity

Beyond the T20

We believe in honoring the unique personalities and  culture of different colleges.  The top-20 universities are fine for legacy children and those who want to be top-tier researchers. For the rest of us, chances are you’d get a better education at a school where professors know your name.  We’ll look beyond the Top-20 and the Ivies, and find schools you might not have thought of.