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University of California-Berkeley is a very large, public, four-year University that emphasizes research, culture and career located in the city of Berkeley, CA. It is known for Business Administration and Management, Business Administration and Management and Law.

University of California-Berkeley

place 200 California Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720
phone Phone: No Phone number found
web Web: https://www.berkeley.edu/
  • University of California-Berkeley is also known as:
    University of California-Berkeley, UC Berkeley


Many lenders and payment plans, including “qualified tuition plans” or 529 plans, apply only to accredited colleges and universities. Please check with your institution to verify accreditation before making any financial commitments.
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Institution Accreditation Agency Status First Accredited Next Review
University of California, Berkeley WASC Senior College and University Commission Accredited 1949-01-01 2024-12-31
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Accreditors certify that the institution upholds high academic standards, and acts with integrity towards its students. Most institutions are reviewed on a 10-year cycle, with follow-up reviews at the 5-year mark.
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emphasisInstitutional Emphasis

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Student Centeredness

3.1 of 10
The extent to which the institution’s website emphasizes students, as opposed to research, athletics or other pursuits, compared with peer institutions.

Student Services

Students with disabilities:
9% of students registered with learning or other disabilty.
‘Disability’ can include blindness or visual impairment that cannot be corrected by wearing glasses; hearing impairment (e.g., deaf or hard of hearing); orthopedic or mobility impairment; speech or language impairment; learning, mental, emotional, or psychiatric condition (e.g., serious learning disability, depression, ADD, or ADHD); or other health impairment or problem.

bar_chartMajors and Programs

Bachelor’s degree
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Doctor’s degree – research/scholarship
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Doctor’s degree – professional practice
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University of California-Berkeley is in NCAA Division I-Football Bowl Subdivision. The largest three sports are:
Sport Total Athletes
Football Men’s 120
Rowing Women’s 70
Rowing Men’s 53

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Tuition for University of California-Berkeley is in the 60.4 percentile of all colleges and universities, which we classify as affordable.
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