Ranking of Public colleges in Virginia emphasizing Research

In the late 1800’s, two colleges were founded in the US based on German — not English — Universities. Oxford and Cambridge in England were, like Harvard and Princeton that modeled them, traditional universities emphasizing character development, abstract thought and rhetoric. The new German universities explicitly sought to conduct scientific research and dedicate themselves to the advancement of human kind. These two colleges were Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and the University of Chicago. Clark University followed shortly. Today, many colleges and universities in the US distinguish themselves as ‘Research’ or ‘Teaching’ Universities, although most seek to do both.

1 Eastern Shore Community College
2 Old Dominion University
3 Tidewater Community College
4 George Mason University
5 Blue Ridge Community College
6 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
7 Norfolk State University
8 Danville Community College
9 John Tyler Community College
10 New River Community College
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