Ranking of Public colleges emphasizing Career

For many students looking for a college or university, “the job” one gets at the end of college is more important than the college itself. While this is understandable given the cost of college today, many colleges with a ‘career focus’ focus not just on job-training, but on finding a vocation: an occupation that will both provide financial reward and continue to engage and interest us through the years.

1 ATA Career Education
2 Elmira Business Institute
3 Fortis College-Centerville
4 Fortis Institute-Forty Fort
5 Altierus Career College-Tampa
6 Career College of Northern Nevada
7 Stautzenberger College-Maumee
8 New Castle School of Trades
9 Stautzenberger College-Brecksville
10 St Louis College of Health Careers-St Louis
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