Institutional-pro subscription (annual)

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What’s included:

  • Include your branded image on the top of our institution’s infographic page
  • Embed a video into the infographic page
  • Review supporting evidence of which keywords from what pages were included in your institution’s ratings
  • Review historical data regarding your institutions’ rating since beginning of the College Deliberately database (Jan 1st, 2018)
  • Improve your listing by adding the social media contact information to your institution’s infographic page.
  • Advertise directly to students who use the site, if they consent.
  • Ability to request refreshes of your corpus within 24 hours.
  • Lead generation based on users who ‘favorite’ your institution, are similar to your institution or favorite institutions that are similar to yours. (if they consent — see below)
  • What more? Contact your College Deliberately representative, and we’ll put it on the development list.

In respect of the privacy of our student users, we allow them to control whether or not institutions can access their contact information. There are four ‘tiers’ of contact available:

  1. See personalized ads on
  2. Receive email through
  3. Receive email directly from institutions
  4. Share full contact information with institutions

Students can set these options for each of three categories:

  1. Institutions they favorite.
  2. Institutions that are similar to institutions they favorite.
  3. Institutions that match their profile.

As an institutional member, you will be granted access to all information that students consent to release to your institution. You will not be able to contact student unsolicited, nor will you be able to research student profiles or favoriting behavior in aggregate. Those abilities comes with the ‘researcher’ level of membership.

Memberships are institutional and can be shared between individuals within an institution. But they cannot include more than one institution. Institutions are defined in our system according to IPEDS dataset.

Note: Your identity as a representative of your institution will need to be verified before the membership takes effect.