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International Business College-Fort Wayne is a very small, private for-profit, at least 2 but less than 4 years College that emphasizes career, character and research located in the city of Fort Wayne, IN. It is known for Veterinary/Animal Health Technology/Technician and Veterinary Assistant, Business/Commerce, General and Graphic Design.

International Business College-Fort Wayne

place 5699 Coventry Lane, Fort Wayne, IN 46804-7145
phone Phone: (260) 459-4500
web Web: http://www.ibcfortwayne.edu
  • International Business College-Fort Wayne is also known as:
    International Business College-Fort Wayne, IBC


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Continuing a tradition of excellence since 1889, International Business College delivers on a commitment to education that transforms the lives of students seeking careers in business, healthcare, and technology. We provide value for students through diploma, associate degree, and bachelor’s degree programs that can be completed in the shortest time practical and create attractive career opportunities for our graduates.

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