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College As Leadership Builder: How My College Can Uncover My Inner Leader


There’s no denying the excitement of this juncture in your life. You’re choosing a college and it is a very important decision. When it comes to leadership, every citizen of the world has drum major abilities. Maybe you’ve demonstrated great leadership capacity in the past. Maybe you were afraid to assume leadership responsibilities in high school. This is your new beginning!

Navigating your college search and adult life requires the ability to be assertive. Rise to any occasion!

Business woman addresses a committee meetings

Your college choice should reflect this. You’re going anyway, why not choose an institution that will bring out your very best? 

Take a look at the course offerings. Even do some corny stuff. Read the history of the college. Peruse the mission statement of your prospective institution. Are they trying to produce robots – workers who fall in line and keep the status quo? 

Your inner leader is honed by challenges. Take an academic dare. Push the limits to see exactly what you can achieve. It’s not a time to stay in your box. It’s a time to come out of the box and challenge yourself. Perhaps take that box and stand on it – in front of a crowd of strangers and proclaim the inner yearnings of your heart on a given matter. Stand up for what you believe in. Pull somebody else up by the hand and let them stand beside you.

This is the time to stand, proclaim and lead.

Student presenting to gathered professors

Taking courses that give you an opportunity to exercise public speaking, communications, problem solving in a field that you’re not comfortable with hone your inner leader. 

Challenge yourself to lead group work and group projects, no matter the course content. This experience is priceless on your resume and in your intellectual data bank. This is how you work out the bumps and dings of your persona and hone your inner leader.

Check out colleges that emphasize Leadership:

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