College Deliberately: Altierus Career College-Orange Park

Altierus Career College-Orange Park is a very small, private not-for-profit, four or more years College that emphasizes career, character and culture located in Orange Park, FL.

Altierus Career College-Orange Park

place 805 Wells Rd, Orange Park, FL 32073-2301
phone Phone: (904) 264-9122
Web: https://www.altierus.org/campus/orange-park
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The mission of the institution is to provide a high-quality educational experience to qualified students delivered through a personalized teaching and learning environment that is designed to support personal and professional career development. In support of its mission, Everest has adopted the following goals: • Academics – To provide challenging and relevant accredited programs in a variety of career-oriented disciplines, incorporating effective educational methodologies, modern technology, and traditional and alternative instructional delivery systems, characterized by effective teaching and a student-centered atmosphere. • Educational Support Services – To provide a variety of programs and services that support its educational goals and purpose, are consistent with student needs, encourage student success, enhance diversity, and improve the quality of life for students. • Enrollment – To manage the controlled growth of a diverse student body through the use of effective and ethical recruitment and retention methods and initiatives, and to support the quality of educational opportunities for all students, while meeting the school’s fiscal needs. • Business and Finance – To manage and increase resources in accordance with sound business practices, regulatory standards, and applicable laws. • Physical Resources – To ensure that the physical resources, including buildings and equipment, are adequate to serve the needs of the institution, support its purpose, and contribute to an atmosphere for effective learning. • Continuous Improvement – To continuously improve the quality of programs and services to meet the needs of its students, communities, and other key stakeholders.


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The following information is gathered from a variety of public sources, and is updated annually. The user is advised to visit the accreditor’s site (linked where available) to verify accreditation status before making any decisions.
AgencyType / Program
Campus StatusInitial Accreditation date
Everest University – Orange ParkInstitutional Accreditation
Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and SchoolsInstitutionalAccredited2003
Everest University – Orange ParkMedical Assistant Education (MAAB) – Private schools and programs
Accrediting Bureau of Health Education SchoolsProgramAccredited2011
Accreditors certify that the institution upholds high academic standards, and acts with integrity towards its students. Most institutions are reviewed on a 10-year cycle, with follow-up reviews at the 5-year mark.
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