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Ranking of Private for-profit, 4-year or above colleges in California emphasizing Citizenship

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Public colleges and universities see themselves as providing a public service.  The U.S., at least its ideal, depends on its citizens to make decisions, serve in the military and work for the greater good. As such, the character of the country reflects the character of its citizens.

1 Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine
2 Newschool of Architecture and Design
3 Pacific College
4 Ashford University
5 Five Branches University
6 Sofia University
7 American University of Health Sciences
8 Empire College
9 Design Institute of San Diego
10 Mt Sierra College
This ranking is according to a single metric, and so will necessarily highlight colleges and universities on the extremes. If you are looking for more well-balanced institutions, try searching according to multiple metrics, or try matching colleges based on your own aspirations.
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